Cottage Industry Assets

Stable Assets in a Volatile World


Cottage Industries are ancient; producing stable assets like Real Estate among many with clear investment criteria defind by sustaining life, essential demand with consistent returns for wealth and soceity.  


Wealth Retention starts at home in the Cottage with a focus on legacy, respect for family dynamics, and the formal management of assets, and resources with future potential.


Our better future is fueld by sharing wealth, knowledge, and resources with visionaries intent on enhancing society and securing a sustainable earth who also employ ancient Cottage-Industry ingen uity. 


Cottages’ Ghanaan logo Bese Saka symbolizes abundance, affluenance unity and the building of community by exploiting  the tools of wealth.

Wealth Consciousness Blog

Conscious Capitalism is a mindset and takes impact investing to the next level. Through wealth consciousness we can see a true path to create the world we all envision.

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About Us

The Cottages Capital Investments asset management team together has over 40 years experience in residential real estate, assisted & senior living and care giving, however, our focus has shifted. Having witnessed the economic destruction of communities by the loss of housing, and the normalization of tent cities and indifference to the facts, it became apparent that change is up to us. Only through our own focused efforts on wealth consciousness, conscious capitalism, and family wealth building can we reinvest in our own communities and society at large.


Accredited investors, family offices, and investment managers aligned with our mission and values will receive an invitation to become a member and view the investment dashboard.  View traditional and alternative, debt and equity aligned with our values.

RealPages IMS enables personalized views and ensures privacy, security, and transparency.


Asset-rich and high net-worth individuals and families too often leave their wealth unattended and in the event of a transition, families find themselves unprepared to make decisions about assets and sadly, for many, the only concensus reached is wholesale liquidation. 

We enable family wealth retention and legacy building through diplomacy and management.


Backyard innovations are the underpinnings of economic revolution from galvanized rubber in the kitchen to the macintosh computer in the garage.  We seek out and fund these innovations.


Wealth without a healthy and moral mind-set is dangerous and destructive. Our resources provide tools to fine tune wealth consciousness and to illuminate capitalism as a tool rather than a behavior.

Our Team

“Wealth is about what you can do, not what you have.” ~ Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Paul Krugman

Karen Gordon-Brown, MBA

Founder & CEO

Karen opened her first Community Builder Investment Fund in 2012.  Since then, has built expertise as a Senior Living Investment Consultant and sponsor for residential assisted living (RAL) developments. Her first RAL in 2013 supported disabled brown and black adolescent boys. In 2020, she is laser focused on recession-resistant, Cottage-Industry Assets like RAL so is now raising capital for similar asset classes.

Lynn Ventura, Owner/Investment Manager

Co-Founder & Chief of Senior Living Communities

Lynn is a 25-year veteran senior living owner/operator and investment manager who is focused on compassionate caregiving and caregiver training.  Bringing her expertise for quality staffing and community stabilization, her team can offer operations support during construction.

Tanya Kailath, MSN, GNP-BC, ACHPN

Chief of Geriatric and Palliative Care

A career Nurse Practitioner skilled in the care of aging, older adults with disabilities, chronic, complex conditions and serious illness, Tanya delivers the end of life care and decision-making training for on-site staff.  She has worked across care settings including hospital, clinic, skilled nursing, and senior living community residences.

Bobby Sharma, Private Real Estate Investor

Adviser, Private Equity Real Estate Investments

Bobby advises Cottages on vetting quality investment projects. Bringing his high-tech expertise to the team, Bobby is also the founder of &  He also facilitates the San Franciso Bay Areas well established Real Estate Mogul Meetup.  Bobby advises Cottages on vetting quality real estate investments.

Michelle Gordon-Canning, Physicians Assistant

Adviser, Cardiology Technology

Michelle has her finger on the pulse of medical technology that improves quality of life for the aging and disabled. As cardiology PA for the Chief of Cardiology at Summit Foundation, Michelle understands the key factors for health and wellness, and debilitation among the aging.  

Gideon Sylvan, Founder and Managing Broker for Pellago

Adviser, Investor Focused Real Estate

Gideon has been an investor and broker since 2012, and the founder of Pellago, a modern, investor-grade real estate brokerage delivering a user-friendly on-line analysis tool that provides investment context for on and off market properties.  Pellago is Cottages brokerage and Gideon, formerly a professional magician, advises Cottages
on vetting quality real estate investments.