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Cottages Capital is the Hub for Senior Assisted Living Investments


Finally, investment opportunities in our Residential Senior Living projects for both accredited and entry-level investors.


Don’t lose your equity, invest it by converting to senior living or reinvesting in one of our existing projects.


Double your rental earnings by converting your single family rental into Residential Senior Living…just relax and let us do the work for you.


When you are ready to sell your board and care home, we can leave it in good hands by connecting you with the next owner/operator.

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About Us

The Cottages Capital team together has over 40 years experience in the Assisted Living Business. Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors and the disabled by developing luxury assisted living homes while offering investors great returns.

 Call 510-993-7429 for more information.  


Our Investors, accredited or not, can enjoy great returns and preferred payments by investing in our general fund or directly into short or long-term real estate development projects.  We focus on both individual properties as well as cluster developments.


Let us assess your rentals for conversion to senior living or help you expand your existing operations.

If you are tired the landlord drudgery become an owner, and the operator assists with maintaining the property.


We are in a network of compassionate individuals looking to purchase an existing senior living community of their own.

So keep your community intact and we can help by selling your community to a trusted new owner.

Don’t give in, a reverse mortgage is not the only option out there.  If one of your rentals or your home is difficult to manage financially, let us help with options that will allow you to keep your property or reinvest your equity in senior living.

Active Investment Opportunities

Cottages Capital is Raising Capital for the following Senior Living Development Funds.  Review the summaries of our active funds then contact us to start investing.  Call 510-993-7429 for details.

COTTAGES – Cluster

This cluster community is in Phase 3 of development. Expect an IRR of 16.47%.  Call to view the Pro-Forma and get your questions answered by the pros.

COTTAGES – General Fund

Pooled Fund for future opportunities.  Both accredited and non-accredited investor opportunities. Call for more information.

COTTAGES – In Process

Invest in capital Improvements and expansion.  Guaranteed great returns.  Call to view the Pro-Forma.


The following care communities are available for sale.  If you are interested in becoming the owner of an operational assisted living home or would like to by a vacant home, please check here weekly for new opportunities. Call 510-993-7429 for details.

California Real Estate # 02013023

16 Sellings Court

Cottages Capital completed a financial model on this potential conversion project.

95 Donna Way

Cottages Capital completed a financial model on this potential conversion project.

606 Taper Avenue

Completed a financial model on this potential conversion project.

Your Care Home for Sale.

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Enjoy the best Caregiver Professional Development 

Our Training and Development includes:  “The Compassionate Caregiver”,  “Caregiver Health Coaching”, “Geriatric and Palliative Care”, and “End-Of-Life Care and Decision-Making Support”.

Our Team

We are passionate about the improved quality of life for all people and especially for those who are no longer independent.  With over 50 years of combined industry experience, the Cottages Capital Team has the expertise to support your goals.

Karen Gordon-Brown, MBA, Fund Manager

Founder & Chief of Senior Living Investments

Our Founder is a Senior Living Development & Investment Consultant who started as an owner of a home for disabled adolescents in 2013. Her team is committed to profitable site selection and quality funding partnerships from single community residences through to cluster community development projects.

Lynn Ventura, Owner/Investment Manager

Co-Founder & Chief of Senior Living Communities

Our Co-Founder is a 25-year veteran senior living owner/operator and investment manager who is focused on compassionate caregiving and caregiver training.  Bringing her expertise for quality staffing and community stabilization, her team can offer operations support during construction.

Tanya Kailath, MSN, GNP-BC, ACHPN

Chief of Geriatric and Palliative Care

With 8 years experience as a Nurse Practitioner skill in the care of aging, older adults with disabilities, chronic, complex conditions and serious illness, Tanya delivers the end of life care and decision-making training for on-site staff.  She has worked across care settings including hospital, clinic, skilled nursing, and senior living community residences.

Bobby Sharma, Private Real Estate Investor

Adviser, Private Equity Real Estate Investments

Bringing his high-tech expertise to the team, Bobby is also the founder of &  He also facilitates the San Franciso Bay Areas well established Real Estate Mogul Meetup and supports CottageConversions with vetting quality residential senior living investment projects.

Michelle Gordon-Canning, Physicians Assistant

Advisor, Medical Technology, Devices & Industry Navigation

The Cardiology PA for the Chief of Cardiology at Summit Foundation for 12 years, Michelle understands the key factors for health and wellness, and debilitation among the aging.  An expert in medical devices and technology, Michelle keeps her eye on cutting-edge technology that improves quality of life for the aging and disabled.

Steven Peterson, CEO Infinity Investments

Advisor, Commercial Real Estate Investments

Steve is the CEO of Infinity Investments which is Cottages Capital’s commercial real estate broker.  Steve brings years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage and commercial property asset management.  Steve supports Cottages Capital with vetting quality commercial investment projects, sales, and listings.